Our philosophy is based on the purity of the product. I have inherited the farm after 4 generations of farmers, together with the property I have first of all inherited the love for my land and for its fruits. Be a farmer today and educate my sons to be means not only work hard and with satisfaction our land during all the period of the year but also pass down to my sons the values and the love for the country life and keep alive and enrich that property that my parents, my grandparents and the generations before struggled to build it.
I love working and taking care of the vineyards during the year, select the best grapes, pay attention and take care of every smallest thing that the land needs.
That is the reason for I produce a natural wine, pure, that accents the peculiar feature, quality and perfumes of each year.
My Brunello has to be first of all genuine and pure because I’m the first one to drink it, it ha to be traditional, the window every year of the hard work that I have done and of the natural development of the season


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