Montalcino is in the heart of southern Tuscany, nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Natural Park of Val d’Orcia. A charming medieval village, fairytale, famous for its Brunello, one of the most appreciated and famous wines in the world.
The origin of the name seems to come from some Lucinus Mons, which means “sacred forest.” Others, however, attribute it to the Latin name Mons Ilcinus, “mountain of holm”, the plant that is depicted in the city coat of arms.
The history of his city is linked, thanks to its dominant position, the continuous struggles between the medieval city of Siena and Florence. Its construction dates back to the period of domination of the powerful and the nearby Abbey of Sant’Antimo.

Always of great independent joint importance due to its strategic position along the Via Francigena, Montalcino enters the orbit of Siena at the time of the battle of Montaperti in 1260 and became a stronghold.
From the twentieth century, the name of this village regains importance for the good fortune of being in one of the most important areas of grape cultivation, which has the importance for tourism and especially for wine.

Montalcino is mostly pure emotion, a rare example of how a place can inspire real suggestion. To test this, just to reach the top on which stands and linger in its numerous natural balconies. A real spectacle unfolding before our eyes, perspectives where the view and the thought inevitably get lost in the horizon scenarios.
The view is stunning in any season, stretching from Mount Amiata, across the Crete to Siena and the Val d’Orcia, to the gentle rolling hills of Maremma: a succession of hills and designed reliefs and dotted here and there with flowers , olive trees, ancient oak trees, scenic country roads that blend harmoniously vineyards and isolated cypresses. A certification of this beauty, the area of ​​Montalcino, together with Val d’Orcia, was recognized in 2004, a World Heritage Site.

Montalcino and the Brunello

The king of Sangiovese was born in Montalcino and always called Brunello, from which takes the name the wine Brunello di Montalcino. It is an area where are produced a lot of wines highly prized, become a symbol of Italian enology and famous around the world: a real artwork in bottle with the DOCG trade mark. It was the first wine in italy to receive the nomination of DOCG.
The Brunello wines that honour the old tradition are the best one, accentuating the qualities of Sangiovese helped by the microclimate of the area that thanks to the position receives the heat by the Maremma’s sea and at the same time is protected by the majestic mount Amiata, a perfect mix that represents an oasis of delights for the vineyards.

The recipe is simple, low yelds per hectare, selection and harvest just of the best grapes, a long and slow ageing in the barrels and a final refining in the bottle.
Brunello is a wine for the people that are able to wait for it, because to enjoy his full potential need years during which tannins are blended and round off to make a magical and heavenly fragrance.


From Montalcino along a panoramic view direction to Castelnuovo dell’Abate rises the majestic and isolated Abbey of Sant’Antimo, one of the most beautiful and greatest monuments in Romanesque style
According to legend the abbey was built on emperor Carlo Magno’s request who travelling around Roma with his army, along Francigena route risked getting hit by fever epidemic.
By the Starcia river made a vow asking for clemency for himself and for his army, and for this received salvation erected the abbey as token of gratitude .

Till 2015 was inhabited by 8 French monks, a very active community where every day were celebrated mass and church services in latin and liturgical music of Gregorian chants.


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